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What are Newborn Sessions like?

Our sessions are relaxed, fun and most importantly, safe.

My studio is located in Perth, Western Australia (Padbury – which is close to Hillary’s Marina).

We aim to book newborn sessions between 5 -14 days of age as they are the most sleepy at this age, however there is no “wrong” age. We take them anytime!  Cute is cute, right?! 

It’s best to book your maternity and newborn sessions as soon as possible – earlier the better.  We book a tentative date for your newborn session and then we move this date accordingly depending on when your newborn actually arrives! We ask that you call or email us the day after the baby is born so we can do this. We don’t over-schedule newborns, so if your baby girl or boy needs to be kept in hospital a little longer, we’ve got you covered.

Parents of newborn babies are generally pretty darn tired. You will most likely set yourself up on the couch and chill out while I work my magic. Sessions are generally 2.5 hours (2-4hrs) as we allow plenty of time for cuddles and top-up feeds.

Generally, sessions are held Monday – Friday at 10am. Siblings and Grandparents are super welcome & will never incur an additional fee. A lot of my clients will actually have the grandparents take the siblings home (or for ice cream! haha)  after their photo’s so they don’t have to sit thought the rest of the session.

The finer details about our sessions regarding what to bring, wardrobe advice etc… will all be provided once you once you book with us. 


Are Maternity Sessions as long?


At 35-38 weeks most of my clients aren’t feeling super comfortable. A 2 hours session would be TORTURE! Ha ha!

No we aim to get our Maternity Sessions done in an hour (longer if you opt for a bit of pampering in the form of hair & makeup!) 

I pride myself on posing women expertly!  I can get the best out of your body shape. We are all beautiful & unique in our shape & style so sessions will be customised to you.

Are you a jeans and a singlet kinda gal or are you after more of a dramatic look?  I have gowns and fabrics. All you need to do is show up. 

Images taken at your Maternity Session are also shown to you at your Newborn Ordering Session and can be included in your chosen package.


Are sessions safe? How experienced are you?

Newborn photography is not for everyone. It takes dedication and continuous training from the industries world class, top level photographers to ensure that sessions are safe for your child.

I’ve been at this game for over 10 years now. 

While I will easily be beaten on price by any number of newer photographers, I argue that this is not the time to try and find the best deal.

Cheap photographers are often starting out, and while I agree that there is a budget for everything & everyone starts somewhere…I think a good indication of experience and skill level is a realistic price list and one that doesn’t offer everything on a usb for $150.

Be wary.

Newborn sessions require A LOT of skill, knowledge and hands on training to perform sessions safely. You don’t want anyone learning their trade on your precious little bundle.

Photographers charging low rates, or photographers just starting out probably do not have the skills and the knowledge to safely pose you newborn. Yes, everyone has to start somewhere… but starting somewhere in this industry should be in a training environment with very experienced teachers & not just off youtube. Be wary, Mumma Bear. 

Many images that you see on the internet are actually posed in 2 or 3 stages (with hands on baby at all times) and then merged together in photoshop. There are some ‘trendy’ poses that are not something I routinely do in my studio unless specifically requested. BUT when I do, they are done slowly, with assistance & with the knowledge that I have been trained to do these safely. I won’t hesitate to let you down gently if I feel your baby just isn’t into it or isn’t in a deep enough sleep to handle the pose. We focus on naturally posing the newborns in our studio as this is what keeps them happy and comfy!! It’s no uncommon in my studio, for the baby not to cry at all. When they do, I quickly assess what the matter is and we adjust to the needs of your child immediately.

I’m not into balancing or contorting your baby in any bizarre kind of way for a cute picture. 


Abso-freaking-lutely! PLUS it’s easy and awesome. Ask us about setting one up for you!

Why Maternity?   Why Newborn?

I know you’ve heard all the cliche’s by now. “They grow so fast”  “The days are long, the years are short” etc… 

I hate to admit it, I use them all the time in newborn photography. There’s just no other way to say it. They really do grow so freaking fast!

Honestly, one minute you’re staring into these teeny tiny eyes and the next minute you’re teaching them how to make you breakfast in bed (heh heh, cmon why not?!?! Ok, at least a coffee?) My beautiful girls are now 8 & 11 and I still look at them in awe. And you know what? I still can’t believe how quickly they grow from year to year. I am so passionate about recording their lives for them, so they can look back and see just how much fun and love was surrounding them each and every day.

Trust me, life gets trickier for them as they get older and these beautiful memories will help ground them in their world and make them feel safe and secure.

One day they will look for photographs of you.

I cannot think of a better gift to give your children. Memories of a time they cannot possibly remember, memories of their parents and proof of what joy they brought into the world simply just by being there.



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How Much Can I Expect To Invest?

Our pricing is structured so we can serve those on a budget and also those that want to invest in our top level artwork.

Click the button below for a full price list:


If you want to avoid getting six versions of every baby related product on the market, why not consider setting up a gift registry with me?!

We send out beautiful little cards that can go inside the baby shower invitations that serve as a gift card and a little note card that gifters can write a personal message or advice. It’s such a cute little card that you can put into a baby book for prosperity too.

We take separate payments so there’s no chasing money from everyone. It’s super easy and super special. It’s so nice for your family and friends to see the end result and know that they contributed to a gorgeous album or wall art collection.


I never had maternity images done professionally and I never had newborn pictures professionally done either.

Seriously, I regret this.

I mean, I have the “holding the phone in front of the mirror” shots, but it’s now, 10 years on and over the pregnancy stage of my life, that I long for a truly beautiful memory of that time.

I wish someone would have told me how important this would be to me later on!!!!

This short video explains why I love portraiture SO much.

This explains just WHY I do what I do & WHY I believe it is so very important.


Let us make these amazing memories for you & your children.


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